No Time Like the Present

There is no time like the present, and fortune favors the bold.

Climbing these mountains, in particular Mount Everest in a very independent fashion, and never missing a summit, and doing so in an anticipated 24 months total, has significantly reinforced my belief in my own abilities. Theodore Roosevelt had a similar approach to dealing with adversity. When he suffered a challenge, and he suffered many, he dealt with the challenge by putting himself into a more difficult situation. Whether he succeeded or not in the more difficult situation, which he often did, he found inner strength from simply going beyond his current dilemma, and he used that strength to go back head first into the underlying matter.

Climb Above Parkinsons will donate $10,000.00 to Keck USC this week, and there will be a subsequent post. Further, I will personally, and independent of the foundation, fund the final cost of climbing Vinson Massif. Any donations made between now and completion of the final mountain will all go to Keck USC School of Neurology. Once the 7 Summits is completed, Climb Above Parkinsons and its Board of Directors will accept applications from bold climbers, seeking to climb routes or mountains previously untested, or bearing some unique aspect to the challenge. The organization will raise money for Keck, and I will match dollars up to $5,000.00 year for the climbing initiatives.

Also, I had the fortune of meeting an Operations Director and grant writer for a non-profit, and he has enlightened me into the possibilities of receiving grants from federal, state, local, and business organizations, upon completion of the appropriate paperwork.

Finally, Keck USC informed me the $7,500.00 previously donated to it enabled it to show a good prospect for research to the US Army, which has an interest in its research. This enabled it to secure a significant grant of approximately $1 Million Dollars! It was so nice to hear the money that Climb Above Parkinsons is raising is actually making a difference.

Anthony McClaren