Recommended Reading- Books to Survive and Thrive

I generally read 2 books a month. I owe thanks to my Mother for this valuable interest. She always had her nose in a book, and I imagine I started reading to emulate that observation. Thanks Mom!

Not surprisingly, I read anything related to mountain climbing, but with a focus on tragedy in the mountains, and the fundamental human characteristics of survival. In my opinion, you can take these vignettes of information and translate them into personal and professional success. I believe that if a person takes the will s/he has to survive, and applies that unstoppable refusal to take the eternal rest in pursuit of a goal, the potential for success is simply unstoppable.

In addition to mountain climbing books contending with disasters, I read a broad spectrum of books about overcoming adversity. These include surviving all manner of tragedies, and broadly speaking overcoming the greatest challenges in life. I maintain great admiration for world leaders and successful business persons who have achieved great success, despite their humble origins. Jack Ma, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, Nelson Mandela, to name a few, overcame so many obstacles and left an indelible mark in the world. Also included would be Theodore Roosevelt, who, though an aristocrat, was born with physical limitations, and chose to confront his challenges with even greater, almost insurmountable challenges, in response to adversity.

I have traveled to many impoverished nations, and am fortunate to call as my friends people from every walk of life. What has proven true to me, time and again, is the spirit of determination inherent in human nature, at least for those who chose to pursue to improve themselves. Simply by chance, I was born in a country with limitless opportunities. I know from experience that people all over the world, if given the simple chance to thrive in a free society, would succeed to the greatest degree.

So, below follows a list of books I recommend, and for my own benefit, I will return to this and update it. If you want, feel free to comment with your own suggestions, as I am always thirsting for greater knowledge.

The Right Stuff- Tom Wolfe

Endurance: Shackleton’s Incredible Voyage- Alfred Lansing

The Worst Hard Time- Timothy Egan; Lone Survivor- Marcus Luttrell

Miracle in the Andes- Nando Parrado

Undaunted Courage- Stephen Ambrose

Adrift- Steven Callahan

Deep Survival- Laurence Gonzales

Touching the Void- Joe Simpson

Long Walk to Freedom- Nelson Mandela

Unbroken- Laura Hillenbrand

In the Heart of the Sea- Nathaniel Philbrick

Denali’s Howl- Andy Hall

The River of Doubt- Candice Millard

Annapurna- Maurice Herzog

Wild- Cheryl Strayed

Can’t Hurt Me- David Goggins

D-Day- Stephen Ambrose

Into Thin Air- John Kraukauer

Anthony McClaren