Mount Everest in 57 Days and Fundraising Goals

Here it comes. The BiG Enchilada. Mount Everest. The highest mountain in the world. It is also the second most costly mountain to even attempt, just behind Vinson Massif.

They don’t really let climbers solo the mountain any longer, and I question if I would be permitted to try. On top of that, I have never even been above 7000 meters, so it makes the most sense to use a provider. Plus, I won’t have the time to make the logistical arrangements.

So, I have set up with Peak Promotion. That company was referred to me by Kurt Wedburg, a professional mountain guide from Sierra Mountaineering International, and so it has the cache I need. It is also significantly less expensive than a Western Provider, which comes with its own set of compromises, but all of which I am comfortable.

My goal is to raise $65,000.00 (Sixty Five Thousand Dollars) to climb Mount Everest. $45,000.00 will be to climb the mountain (including travel and tips), and the remaining $20,000.00 will go to USC Keck School of Medicine.

To date, I have raised about $9,000.00. I have already deposited that with Peak Promotion. I am supposed to wire transfer another $10,000.00 by the end of this month. I am in talks with a cannabis company in Colorado to sponsor my climb, and that would be a huge help for the campaign. In addition, I have received support from a handful of sources, mostly friends, with one major exception.

I have no idea how I will come up with this goal, but I am not deterred. Simply stating the intended objective is often enough to succeed. In a worse case scenario, I will liquidate the small amount of assets I have accumulated to date, in order to fund this expedition. This is an undesired move, but it is possible.

In the meantime, I will directly and indirectly solicit sources to help me. Every journey begins with a first step.

Anthony McClaren