Denali in 13 Days and Fundraising Efforts

My partner Dane Mulligan and I stood on top of Mt. Denali, the highest peak in North America at 20,320 feet, at 0800 hrs on 4 June 2018.  The accomplishment was marked by thorough preparation, both logistically and physically, proper execution on the mountain, including multiple "game day" decisions to abort a longer schedule to take advantage of favorable weather, and as importantly, an incredible amount of good fortune.  

In Peru, the Quechua people believe that the mountain closest to your place of birth is your spiritual mountain, which they call an "Apu".  Since learning this, I always remember to acknowledge the spirit of the mountain, to respect Her, and for Denali, our respect for the mountain did not go unappreciated.

This was the first time I ever looked at Denali, let alone attempted to climb it.  We did so without guides or any logistical support, and we did so in a minimalist fashion, which is respected by the mountaineering community.   Finally, we summitted the mountain in slightly less than 9 full days, including a monster 25 hour push for the day of the summit.  

I will prepare and publish a more comprehensive trip report.  For now, I will conclude as follows:  This mountain may be the hardest of the 7 Summits, and if it is, I believe nothing can stop the success of Climb Above Parkinsons.  I continue to honor my Father's memory, draw awareness to Parkinson's Disease, and support US Veterans.  My organization will soon receive approval as a 501C3 Non-Profit.  Upon this occurrence, and with the help of my Board of Directors, I will identify a new source to receive donations for medical research.  

In the meantime, please consider making a donation to the campaign.  Climbing Mount Everest next year, as well as Vinson Massif (Antarctica) and the Carstensz Pyramid (Australia) cannot be accomplished without your assistance.  I intend to create various physical fitness outings to raise awareness for the campaign.  


Anthony McClaren