Training Every Day

Leaving for Denali 5 weeks from today. When I'm not studying a client's strategy, I am studying the mountain, in my mind.

Visualizing the day we start sorting gear, go to the airport, arrive in Anchorage, travel to Talkeetna, fly to the Kahiltna glacier, Camp 1, 2, 3, 4, Summit, and reverse everything, with so many details in between.

We trained with a professional guide yesterday, simply to prevent ourselves from perishing in a glacier. So many details to consider, and complete self reliance in so doing.

We hit Whitney the day before, in a day, and destroyed our knees, but not our spirits.  I got up this morning at 0500 and made my way to the Honey Badger, for a session of abuse.  

If I were a pioneer, I'd be like Ernest Shackleton.

Anthony McClaren