Denali Coming Up

Yesterday I submitted my application for a permit to climb the West Buttress of Mt. Denali, the highest mountain in North America.

Since I returned from Aconcagua, I have been convalescing, and healing, and recuperating.  I was unprepared for the toll the mountain took on me, and only after I returned did I realize how truly exhausted I had become from the endeavor.

I expect Denali to be even more difficult.  It is much colder, and technical, and unpredictable.  To contend with that challenge, I will be training harder than I have ever trained.  I am taking my partner Dane with me, just the two of us.  Dane is a resilient, motivated climber.  He is also much younger than me, so he can be the work horse!

The Climb Above Parkinsons campaign has taken on a life of its own.  Now I must complete it.  I turn 40 in 2 weeks, and I can say I have almost no regrets about things I haven't done.  I have regrets about things I've done wrong, but there is a huge difference.

I was interviewed by More Than Motion, a Time Affiliated magazine, about my campaign.  That, combined with the incredible support from my employer, will enable me to accomplish this goal.  

Anthony McClaren