Puncak Jaya is a Go and Wednesday Updates

(Picture of the top of Nevado Coropuna, Peru, about October 8, 2014, with one of my prior sponsors, Karma International).

From now until when I leave on a plane to Mount Everest, and possibly even then, I will post a weekly blog to the site with updates on planning, training, and mental and physical preparedness.

Since the last blog, last week, Adventure Indonesia, the company arranging for my transport on to and to the top of Puncak Jaya, the highest mountain in Australia, has informed me our trip is a go!!

I hadn’t been too focused on that mountain because I was uncertain if the trip would come together. Now my training will be for the mountain. She is 16,024 feet, and involves technical rope climbing for the finish, though most of the risk has been mitigated by the guiding teams.

I am going to wire the remainder of balance owed tomorrow, as well as pull the trigger on the round trip ticket to Bali. I will fly from LAX to Taiwan, to Jakarta, to Bali. Rest one night, then sea plane to Western Papua, and helicopter to base of the mountain. The plan will be to summit on New Years Day. Puncak Jaya will be the 5th mountain of the seven. Stoke level pretty high.

I continue with my efforts at nagging the IRS. The latest is they should have an update for me by the end of next week. There is nothing more I can do about that process.

Mount Everest planning is well under way. I am in good spirits about a cannabis sponsor, and I will make my initial deposit to Peak Promotion as well.

Anthony McClaren