A Fathers Love

I remember my Dad with a distant love as a child. Stoically masculine, a reserved contemplative man, I maintained disdain for my Father figure. 

When we relocated to New Mexico from Austin, when I was 14, and shortly after we arrived, I found myself in a fist fight on the main drag, which quickly escalated into me and 8 other teenagers. Needless to say, I was on the losing end of that battle. 

I hobbled home, and my Mom and Dad worried over me, and against my objections, filed charges against the leader of the fray. Two weeks later, I disregarded my parents restriction, and back on the drag I went. I was and have been always rebellious and willful. 

That night, to my horror and fear, I saw Mom and Dad in the parking lot where I had been jumped. They looked out of place and too old to be there, but they didn't care. 

I don't know of it was Mom or Dad who decided to go to Weinerschnitzel, but I know they went because it hurt them that their son had been in so much pain. They were out there to protect me, and to mKe a difference. I have never forgotten that sight. 

That is love. #climbaboveparkinsons

Anthony McClaren