2017.06.07 - This update to my support base only, so not published on social media. In that regard, I feel a dilution of the potency of this campaign has taken hold. I loathe the bandwagon, and the abundance of gofundme campaigns as of late puts me squarely in that realm. I am not deterred, simply making an observation. 

The National Parkinson Foundation will launch my campaign to its followers this week. That will generate interest and support for this campaign to a much broader audience. 

Also, it is clear to me that this will be, for the most part, a self funded venture. Thank you for your contribution, and continued support. Each of you, and your donation, big or small, provided me the initial momentum I needed to push forward with this campaign. 

I am not immune to feelings of insecurity and self-doubt. What I often do to keep my focus is recall very specifically watching my Dad take his last breaths, as I held his hand. I watched him fight for life, but his brain and this disease took that from him. I find inspiration in that moment for my endeavor. 

Be well, and more updates will come to you. 

Anthony "Mic" McClaren

Anthony McClaren