Time to Slim Down

Over the weekend a very close friend of mine confirmed for me something of which I had been in denial- I'm carrying too much weight. 

For the most part I have maintained my high school weight throughout my adult life, or close to it. However, I am now about 5 lbs above that weight, and really 10 lbs above what I consider to be an appropriate weight. For the record, I'm 5'11, and my fighting weight should be 175 lbs, my climbing weight should be 167 lbs. 

As I have already alluded, the biggest training regiment will be abstinence training. Abstinence from alcohol, tobacco, and, as relevant here, to over-consumption. I will turn 40 in less than one year. I have been mindful since before I turned 30 of the inevitable impacts of a declining metabolism. 

So, my friends, my group of supporters, to you I pledge, I begin my abstinence training. I need to run as lean as possible. 

Finally, note that my altitude training will begin in earnest at the start of September. 

Truly Yours, 

Anthony "Mic" McClaren

Anthony McClaren