Progress in Fundraising

I officially launched the campaign on March 13. In just over 3 weeks, the campaign has raised $4,193.00. 

Gofundme is forcing me to make withdrawls. Also, I now see its fees. Of the $4,193.00, I will receive $3,800.00. Of that, I will give $400.00 to Semper Fi Injured Marine Fund, and $400.00 to The Parkinsons Foundation. 

Of the remaining $3,000.00, I will purchase the remaining gear I don't yet own for the climbs, as well as my plane ticket for South America, for Aconcagua. If possible, I will also purchase my climbing permit for Aconcagua ($800.00). As anyone who travels knows, once you buy the plane ticket, you are in! 

After those purchases, I will continue to purchase plane tickets, and permits. The biggest expense will be $20,000.00 to secure the majority of my needs on Everest, which I have to submit by January 2018. 

This is a long campaign, and the mountains represent only one component of the journey! It won't be easy, but it is a walk in the park compared to the debilitation imposed by Parkinsons. Let's do this! 

#climbaboveparkinsons #7Summits2018

Anthony McClaren