Pulled The Trigger on Kilimanjaro

I savor the moment just before I click the mouse and buy the tickets to travel to a foreign land. I thought of each of you as I did that. 

I have booked my trip to "Kili." I'll be operating in a tight window, flying below the radar, and the conditions will be less than favorable. Then again, that is enticing; what fun would it be if it were easy? 

I leave LAX at 2330 on Monday November 21, pass through Washington, D.C., then Ethiopia, then Kilimanjaro, and land 1230 on Wednesday, November 23. I'll hop a bus to Moshi, about 1 hour southeast, get my bearings and a bed for the night. 

The next day, Thursday, Thanksgiving, I'll disembark and push up the peak. With good weather and strong acclimating, I'll be above 19,000 feet by that Sunday, Monday at the latest. Then I'll haul ass down the mountain and reverse everything. My flight leaves Kilimanjaro Tuesday at 1735, and I'll be back in LAX on Wednesday at 0920. I intend to be physically in my office that day. Mentally, a different story. 

To the 7 Summits, the Climb Above Parkinsons, my Dad, and to You. Now the real training can begin. 

Anthony McClaren