Grandpa Has Left Us

Heredity of the Disease and Two Different Conclusions

My Grandfather, Kent Ron Smith, M.D., departed us last night at 11:11 pm. He was 86 years old. 

Grandpa also passed from complications from Parkinsons Disease. His journey and demise varied greatly from that of my Father. 

For example, I took this picture with him 4 weeks ago. During that time, I had genuine discussions with him about his life, how he felt now that he was going to pass, and he was reading some very heavy literature, even at that time when his body was failing. He was of an incredible mind and because of that, I believe, he was able to continue forward with his life. Grandpa would want it known that he desired to leave the earth on his terms, and he was a bit resentful that he couldn't leave, literally standing up. Still, he made the choices related to his life and the timing of his death. 

My Dad's experience with the same disease was remarkably different. Dad lost the capacity to effectively communicate memories, thoughts, or even sentences, years before he departed. His mind had left him, but his body was strong. I observed his strength of body as he was in the final throws of life. 

Both men were surrounded by people they loved, their families. 

I share in my Grandfather's spirit and strength of mind. I will climb these mountains, next year, to the exclusion and loss of love, career progress, and with other sacrifice. It must be done, to set my own standards, to encourage others to believe, and to demonstrate the power of the mind, much to the dismay of Parkinsons and other diseases of the mind. 

I cannot do this without help. My love to you for your time, contributions, and support. 

Anthony K. McClaren

Jerry E. McClaren, August 6, 1957 - December 1, 2016
Kent Ron Smith, M.D. - April 26, 1931 - May 21, 2017. 

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Anthony McClaren