Have Chosen Kilimanjaro As Number One

I am about 80% ready to commit to my first mountain, Kilimanjaro. 

I intend to leave Tuesday, November 21, from LAX, arrive in Moshi, Africa (by way of Kilimanjaro airport) late Wednesday night, November 22, and stay one night there. Moshi is approximately 1,000 meters. 

Starting Wednesday, November 23, I'll begin my ascent. I intend to ascend to approximately 3,000 meters on Wednesday, and camp. On Thursday, November 24 (Thanksgiving), I'll move up to 4,250 meters. On Friday, November 25, I'll move up to 5,250 meters. 

Depending on how I feel, I may take a day of rest at 5,250 meters, which would be Saturday, November 26. Or, I may make my summit push. This will also depend on weather conditions, which I understand to be abysmal in November. No one generally summits the mountain in November because of weather. 

Regardless of whether I summit on Saturday, or Sunday, I expect to be back in Moshi Monday, and either catch a late flight on Monday, or an early flight on Tuesday. 

This is an ambitious agenda. Note I am not without experience for this, and the climbing is not technical. I will also have a guide with me, as it is required for Kilimanjaro (not my desire, but those are the rules). I will also most likely have a satellite phone with me, and I will have Global Rescue insurance in place, in the event things go sideways. 

In advance of my departure, I will be running a lot of 14,000 foot day trips, and doing my normal cardio work and Runyon Canyon pushes. 

After Kili, I will return, and a short month later, head to Aconcagua. 

Thank you for believing in me. I look forward to rising to the occasion. 

Anthony "Mic" McClaren

Anthony McClaren