Update on Charities

I had sent out an email to both the Parkinson's Foundation, as well as the Injured Marine Semper Fi Fund two weeks ago, but no response received. You would think people would be eager to receive charitable donations! 

So, today I have called the Parkinson's Foundation, and established contact with Sarah Teeter, their campaign specialist. I will be working directly with her on this. The Semper Fi Fund is closed for business until Wednesday, and I will contact them on that date. 

Finally, I am establishing an independent money account in which to place my donations. When I began this campaign, I assumed I could keep all donations in Go Fund Me and then make major withdraws as needed. I have since learned that Go Fund Me will not keep the money, and they move it over on a daily basis. So, in light of this development, and to maintain the appropriate level of transparency for this endeavor, both to people who contribute, as well as to the IRS (who can forget about them!), I believe an account with a sole purpose related to this endeavor is appropriate. 

Anthony "Mic" McClaren

#climbaboveparkinsons #7Summits2018

Anthony McClaren