Grandpa will soon leave me

You may note my Grandpa is now my Facebook profile picture. Though I have not mentioned it as much, Grandpa has also been afflicted with Parkinsons, and he will soon join Dad in a place where they are happier and healthy. 

Aside from this sad bit of information, I find myself elated at this moment. As this campaign moves forward, it takes on its own life. I would say it is beyond its infancy, and now moves on to the early child phase. 

In this regard, in conjunction with Semper Fi Fund and Parkinsons Foundation, I am going to begin to put on various fundraising activities for the campaign. They will all be centered around physical activity. The first one I envision will take place at Runyon Canyon Park, my training grounds for years. More details to come, but I anticipate the first event in mid-July. 


#climbaboveparkinsons #7Summits2018

Anthony McClaren