Guiding Service Selected for Kilimanjaro

Here is a link to the guide service that was referred to me for Kilimanjaro. 

The referral comes from Kurt Wedberg, who operates Sierra Mountaineering International (SMI) out of Bishop, California, who I have met in person a few times ice climbing and back country mountaineering. Kurt has been on all the 7, including Everest 3 times, among many other very serious accomplishments. He is a new father, and a happy man! 

I have learned that climbing Kili mandates use of a guiding service. As such, I reached out to Kurt for the referral. 

My effort will still be one of ambition, as I will go in and out of Africa, and to its highest peak, in 8 days, travel time included and with time changes. 

I'm always training, including running 2-3 weekly, hiking my local hiking area, and taking on moderately challenging rock and mountain climbs as often as possible. The real training for Kili will begin September 1, and October 1 will see me begin abstinence training- run clean with no alcohol or nicotine. That will last through the end of January. 

Aspire high, be well! #climbaboveparkinsons #7summits2018

Anthony "Mic" McClaren

Anthony McClaren