Missing You Dad

The winds of change are in the air. Dad, you would have been 60 years old on August 6. I wish I could talk to you, man to man, about men things, or nothing at all. I would like to hear you tell me life is going to be ok, that I'll figure it out. I know I will; but the assurance from you would be so powerful. 

I attended Grandpa's funeral, Dr. K.R. Smith, who perished from complications from Parkinsons Disease, at the end of July. It was a bittersweet time. Grandpa had all his mental faculties available, and chose his ultimate time for departure. That was refreshing when compared to you, as you lost your mind many years before you left, at such a young age. 

I will begin my training, in earnest, starting next week. It's time to get into guiding shape, as close as possible, anyway, to maintain my profession and climb these 7 Summits. 

Love you Dad, 

- Tony

Anthony McClaren