Finger on the Mend, Baldy, and Africa

I had my right index finger welded together at the first joint to fix an annoying droopy finger on my dominant hand.  I chose to have the surgery done now, prior to embarking on the 7 Summits endeavor.  I was a bit apprehensive about the timing, but it seems to be working well, and I'll be in tip top shape by the first summit.

Speaking of the first summit, I'll be on Kilimanjaro in about 10 weeks.  3+ days travel, and only 5 days total for possible climbing.  Monsoon season will make the climb spicy!

Finally, I topped out on Baldy, elevation 10064 feet, for the first time in my life (surprisingly) in a brief 2 hrs 25 minutes, from Maker Flat.  Total 3900 feet elevation gain, I should have taken trekking poles for the descent, but otherwise a solid outing.  I coined the personal phrase, "Riding the Pain Train."

Anthony McClaren