Touch and Go Baby

10 December 2017-  Success on Kilimanjaro

A quick update that I dispatched Kilimanjaro via the Marangu Route in 53 hours, car to car.  The route is not technical, and is certainly the "Yak Route" (aka the easy route).  Combine the low angle slope with the assistance of porters, and the climb amounts to a hike, at least for myself, as I spend so much time in the mountains.

But, to make it more challenging, I made the ascent in 31 hours (13,500 feet up, 21 miles), and the descent in another 22 hours.  That made it more challenging, and thereby more worthy of respect among my climbing peers.

It's touch and go for now, as I landed back in Los Angeles, and head off to Aconcagua on December 20.  Denali on deck for June.

Obviously I am sitting out the Holidays this year.  But I wish my supporters and everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  

With Love, and the Three Finger Salute,

Anthony "Mic" McClaren

Anthony McClaren