Rubber Hits the Road- Here we Go.

I leave for Tanzania in about 10 days.  I'm getting pretty anxious, primarily because I haven't stamped my passport in about 2 years.  Plus, the flight is 1.5 days, and I'm coming off the plane and almost immediately starting to climb.  I won't be headstrong about it.  I gave myself enough time to summit and a couple extra "just in case" days.

I created the image for my campaign with the help of Jeremiah Harper, my college friend and fraternity brother.   The image is meant to be climbing oriented, with the Phoneix rising over the mountains to signify the rebirth of the soul.  It is fitting for this endeavor.

I purchased my tickets to Mendoza, to embark on Aconcagua on December 20.  I'll need to get my permits and mules, but I'm otherwise all geared up for the endeavor.  


Anthony McClaren