Donation to Parkinsons Foundation and Go Time

 Made another donation to the Parkinsons Foundation ( today, totaling about $1,500.00 donated since the campaign began.  I suspect once I start ticking off these summits there will be a tidal wave of funding!

Listening to George Straight Radio and AC/DC this weekend, prepping for Kilimanjaro.  Haven't left the country in 2 years, and haven't taken on a major climb in the same amount of time.  I like those butterflies kicking me in the gut though, keep me feeling alive!  

It's been snowing consistently on the summit, which will make for rain the entire march.  I suppose I cannot deny I am happy that I have the Cadillac package for this climb (guides, food, shelter).  Not my normal MO, and against my general belief in self reliance in the mountains.  However, in light of the very limited time frame I gave myself for this climb, and the conditions, I'll concede my happiness not to suffer.  There will be plenty of suffering in just getting there, moving fast, getting back, and then gearing up for Aconcagua in 3 weeks.

Wish me luck!  #climbaboveparkinsons 

Anthony McClaren