Mt. Baldy with 50 lbs, free water, great times.

On this day we left Manker Flat at 0850 and ascended to the Baldy Hut, then to the summit.  It took us 3 hrs 25 minutes to achieve the summit.  Here is my partner Randy Worth, his girlfriend Cindy, and their two dogs, Meru and Alta.  Great times!

I packed about 35 lbs of water into my pack.  I learned a trick about using water to train.  It creates weight on the way up, but then you can dispose of it and your descent is not as difficult or damaging to your body.

When I went to dump the water I called out to the rather large crowd, does anyone need any water?  I was thrilled that many people needed it!  It benefited me and those people!  I also made some new acquaintances and shared some of my mountain climbing knowledge, as well as parts of this endeavor.

I need a contact to help me make a flag with a symbol, as well as some stickers I can hand out.  I also am looking for a clothing line or watch manufacturer for sponsorship.


Anthony McClarenComment