Steve Jobs and the Abandonment of Fear

I have enlisted the assistance of a graphic designer to create a flag to carry with me to each summit.  It will embody the spirit of relentless pursuit, with rebellion, rebirth, and other icons critically important to me.

I have also begun soliciting a corporate sponsor.  I would prefer my friend who makes custom watches, but he needs to make his business decisions.

I leave in less than 7 weeks for Kilimanjaro.  Not long after, I will depart for Aconcagua.  Then we will be in 2018, and this project will really begin.  

I am not afraid any longer of failure.  I digested the Steve Jobs biography and became re-inspired, from the doldrums of insecurity borne by personal challenges this year.  

I look forward to sharing my triumphs with you.

Anthony "Mic" McClaren

Anthony McClaren